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Flat painted walls, look just that - FLAT! They are non-reflective and visually dull. Using specialist paint effects as texture, even neutral schemes can be given interest and presence in a space.



Specialist Services

  • Working with your choice of fabrics, Vanessa offers consultation on use of colour and paint effects for your home or workplace.
  • Vanessa can produce samples of her specialist paint effects on paper or wood, using suggested colour combinations and effects for your perusal.
  • She offers sensible advice on colour and pattern for a lasting look, creating beautiful interior schemes.
  • Walls, ceilings, plasterwork, woodwork and furniture can all be decorated using specialist paint effects.
  • Hand painted furniture. Old furniture including pine or MDF pieces can be transformed with Vanessa's specialist paint techniques.
  • Paint effects include: sponging, colourwashing, ragrolling, pearlescent effects, faux finishes, stencilling, stippling, gold washes, antiquing, gilt and wax effects marbling, stoneblocking, hand painted furniture and many more!
  • Hand painted kitchen units. Existing wooden kitchen units, can be given a facelift.
  • Consultation on restoration of antique paintwork eg stencilling and woodgraining is also available.
  • Articles written on specialist decoration, colour and specialist paint effects.
  • Paint effects courses and lectures on period decoration.

Woodgrained, gothic oriel window, with evening sunlight.
Bronze torch wall light, with dramatic aqua and gold sponging,
Tones of aqua and gold sponging.
Tones of aqua and gold, with woodgrained skirting.
Faux marble
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